Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to participate?

Will there be prizes or awards?

Yes.  We plan to offer a pick of prizes to teams in descending order beginning with the top ranked team.  There are currently 3 prize sponsors committed to this event.  More updates to come...

Are there local hotels?

The neighboring community of Hastings has a Holiday Inn Express and there are options in Ionia as well.  Both are a 15 minute drive from the venue. 

Is this only for rural teams?

Absolutely not.  Everyone is welcome.  In fact, it would be amazing if the locals got to see top notch FRC teams compete in their backyard.

Will there be Friday pit setup?

We are working on this and hope to have an answer soon as more volunteers come on board.  Our intention is to ready for practice matches on Friday night.

Will you be playing country music?

 If by country music you mean "Cotton Eye Joe" then, yes, we will be playing a lot of country music.